Twenty Years of Mālama ʻĀina


Results have shown a statistically significant increase in STEM knowledge of students. On some individual students, these activities have demonstrated greater impacts with pre to post test gains of up to 600%.


Three-year Average


Average Knowledge Gain %


Average Three-Year Knowledge Gain:



At the end of our three-year DOE project (2013-2016), the Mahope program recorded an average increase of 43% in NGSS standards-based STEM knowledge among 1,300 middle students taught in and after school.

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Social Cohesion Index


Social Cohesion Index

Statistically Significant Increase in Social Cohesion Index

Students who received the after-school intervention showed a statistically significant (p > .01) increase in social cohesion. This survey measures factors considered to be Benevolent Childhood Experiences (Narayan, Ghosh Ippen, Rivera, & Lieberman, 2015) that improve resilience and well-being among youth.

Student Testimonies

Students have provided testimonials on their appreciation for learning opportunities outside of the classroom as well as their new enhanced interest. This STEAM enhancement program has also broadened the scope and coverage of the curriculum for these Hawaiian Charter Schools. The activities add to the amount of time dedicated to the STEM exposure provided by these schools, and they create a more “STEM-friendly” environment suitable for addressing barriers to STEM education such as math phobias and a lack of exposure to the many fascinating and stimulating topics embodied in STEM education.

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“It gives me a reason to at least like school . . . It also makes me want to be active.”

The thing I like about after school is everyone I’m with.  This is also because everyone I’m with, I can talk to.  Also, because pretty much everyone is my friend.  Another reason is because it’s really nice to be able to get out of the house.  I could actually take use of my time instead of wasting it.  The Mahope Program kind of makes me happy!   Anyways, it gives me a reason to at least like school.  Even if it’s just a little bit.  Also, it makes me want to go to school. It also makes me want to be active.


In the after school program I learned about condensation, precipitation, evaporation, and more. What I like about the after school program is swimming, eating snacks and all the other stuff we do in the water. I like to go to the after school program because it’s way more fun than going straight home after school and doing nothing. The after school program is super good for me because I love the ocean. It’s fun to be in the water and do water activities. It’s also cool to learn about the ocean as well. In the after school program we also learn about volcanoes. We learned about the differences in volcanoes. Some volcanoes explode out and others just flow out. Volcanoes that just flow out are called shield volcanoes.

I like the after school program. I like the tutors. I like body boarding. I like the Hawaii experience. I like the rides (in the van). I like my friends here. I learned how to tie knots. I learned that ʻIke Kai is fun.


I learned that there are different types of tides. I also learned about reading wavelengths. Another thing I learned is that when lava flows out of a volcano it doesn’t all flow out the same. When it comes out of shield volcanoes is different from when it spits out the lava like an explosive volcano. I enjoyed being able to swim and go body boarding. I also enjoyed picking up the rubbish and keeping the aina clean. I also enjoyed being able to spend time with my friends and brothers. Lastly I enjoyed the program overall and what we do.

I like the after school program.  One reason is because this club helps me focus and not be so quiet.  We get to collaborate and work hard on our homework and projects.  I learned that ‘Iolani Palace was lit before Buckingham Palace.  We lit it up using copper tape and small positive/negative lights.  We also learned all about Hawaiian fish ponds.  We took a field trip there and we got to move white coral to make the wall that will stay up a maximum of 800 years.  The most memorable experience so far in the club is most likely when we the hurricane house.  The reason is we got to design a house that could still be connected when a level 1-5 hurricane hit.  Overall, this club has improved me in many different ways.


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