April 29-30 2015 Kawaikini Wa‘a

Our final delivery of the year was with Kawaikini Charter School in Kaua‘i. This was not only our last delivery of our 2014-2015 school year, but it was our last delivery with many of the students in this group. The students were given the opportunity to paddle up the river on a wa‘a kaulua, dissect fish, drag their plankton tows and got to check out their samples under a microscope. They were able to get some awesome samples of zooplankton and phytoplankton.


With the help of Uncle Kapule the students were able to learn a lot about the surrounding areas of Waipā and the work the Waipā Foundation does to keep the area pristine and efficiently working. The mana‘o of Uncle Kapule and the staff at Waipā helped the haumāna to understand their importance of our ‘āina. It is always a pleasure to work at Waipā!

Good luck to those haumāna of Kawaikini Charter who are moving on in their schooling and we can’t wait to see the new classes next year!

Trevor Lee