D.U.D.E. - McCoy pavilion - O‘ahu: April 16, 2016

The Mahope program was invited to participate in the D.U.D.E. (Destroy Underage Drinking Everywhere) event sponsored by one of our partners the After-School All Stars (ASAS). The event was developed to bring awareness to underage drinking and its effects. Students from seven school sites supported by ASAS were brought to the historic McCoy Pavilion (est. 1975) for fun, games, and education. Joining the students were their parents/guardians and siblings. Mahope’s booth provided an exercise in the simulated effects of drinking upon sight, dexterity, and eye/hand coordination. This was achieved by having the students wear special gloves and eye glasses and attempt to toss bean bags through a joining toss board. The exercise was enjoyed by the students and adults. In an adjacent both, on a hot day, the Mahope program offered delicious shave-ice.

Trevor Lee