Kamaile Academy & Laupahoehoe MS – O‘ahu & Hawai‘i Island – Summer School: June & July, 2016

The Mahope program has become an integral component at Kamaile Academy and Laupahoehoe MS in such a manner that our program has become a core element at both schools. The summer programs are no different and the Mahope program was invited to join both schools. At Kamaile Academy, the Mahope program is integrated within the school’s summer lineup with the focus upon physical science, historical content, and added content by our program toward pollution, sustainability, and how all elements relate to the Wai‘anae area of O‘ahu. The students were introduced and involved in canoe construction, fish dissection, water testing, and the effects of groundwater and runoff. At Laupahoehoe MS, we are the only summer program offered at the school, and with an emphasis upon technology and creativity throughout the summer. The students are engaged in creating computer code for their stop motion Lego videos, model rocket construction and launches, and the student’s introduction into block printing to name a few.

Trevor Lee