Kamaile Academy - Career Fair - O‘ahu: April 14, 2016

The Mahope had the honor of being invited to the Kamaile Academy’s career fair. The career fair entertained middle through high school students. The Mahope program represented non-profit educational services along with other represented professional services. The Mahope program provides three areas of service; in-class, tutoring, and STEM based lessons. The core of the program is STEM based lessons and hands-on activities within a Hawaiian cultural context. As part of the Mahope program description, the students were treated to a hands-on exhibit on energy production. This was achieved through a chemical reaction involving ‘uala (sweet potatoes) (electrolyte), nails (electrode), copper piping (electrode), and alligator clip wiring. The concepts were presented to the students and thereby they were allowed to apply them toward the listed items. The students observed that the more ‘uala that were added to the circuit the measured voltage increased from ¼ to ¾ of a volt.

Trevor Lee