Kamaile Academy - Kualoa Regional Park: March 17, 2016

The students for Kamaile Academy (Wai‘anae) were invited to a field day from the Mahope program at Kualoa Regional Park. The students were treated to an intense day of hands-on education through the application of traditional Hawaiian sailing practices and navigation (including the star compass) by the crew from the Kānehūnāmoku Voyaging Academy (KVA). In addition, contemporary canoes were constructed that incorporated recycled materials. The students were instructed by Ms. Malakaua and Ms. McAfee-Torco in the various functions and features of the star compass. Through an additional educational component, the students were instructed as to the history of traditional navigation and the genealogy of Kānehūnāmoku (Double hull wa‘a) and of its predecessors. Under the direction of Mr. Hamakua-Makue, Mr. Gomes, and Mr. Oppenheimer the students set out aboard Kānehūnāmoku into Kāne‘ohe Bay near Mokoli‘i island. The students were provided direction and guidance by the KVA crew and given the opportunity to navigate the wa‘a. The last feature of the day was to have the students create their own sea-worthy canoes. The student’s canoes were constructed with recycled materials with the key feature of having the ability to hold one student for ocean testing and time trials.

Trevor Lee