Kua O Ka Lā : March 10 – 14, 2014

For our last school deliveries for the 2013-14 school year, Makawalu O Nā Kumu and Hoʻopili programs combined to bring our charter schools the Wa‘a unit.

Our Kua O Ka Lā school delivery was the first delivery of the new activities looking at the Waʻa using the Next Generation Science Standards. Our lessons were centered on Earth/Space Science and the science of sailing.

Several activities were focused on Earth in relation to the moon and Sun. The students created models to demonstrate Solar/Lunar Eclipses and moon models that showed the Hawaiian Lunar Phases.

Two activities during this delivery were the highlights of the week. Our team observed all of the students actively engaged in the making of their star compasses and their Waʻa to float their pennies. Some of the students responses were of excitement for the hands on activities, a nice change from the other deliveries earlier in the school year.

The star compass activity allowed each group of students to be creative while learning the tool that navigators use for way finding. Students labeled the cardinal directions with the houses between them that show where stars and the sun rise and set in.

Trevor Lee