Laupāhoehoe CPCS - Hawai‘i Island – Radio Bay: March 18, 2016

The students from Laupahoehoe CPCS on the Hamakua coast were invited to expand their knowledge of traditional Hawaiian wa‘a (canoe) and the navigational skills and techniques needed to pilot such craft. This was achieved through hands-on interactive activities.

The students participated in a review of the traditionally used star compass (employed to navigate), navigational practices, and as well as the features and functions of wa‘a.

The students provided community service through the maintenance of the docking/launch point and removing the Hilo rain buildup from the various canoes within the area.

The students were instructed as to how to properly paddle and navigate a single hull canoe. Once the training was complete, and under guidance, the students were allowed to set out into the bay.

Under the direction of Mr. Kahalioumi (Coordinator for special programs; DPR) the students had the opportunity to experience and navigate the double hull wa‘a first-hand within Radio Bay.

Trevor Lee