Mahope - Steam Engineering Unit: February and March, 2016

Hawai‘i island (Big Island)
Laupahoehoe CPCS
Educational Coordinator: Mr. Aaron Mickelson

O‘ahu island
Hakipu‘u Learning Center, Jarrett Middle School, and Kamaile Academy PCS
Education Specialists: Ms. Danielle Choate, and Ms. Myra Taumanupepe.

Lesson Delivery: The Educational Coordinator/Specialists have been educating their students about the dynamics of steam power. The steam boats are constructed from aluminum baking pans, coiled copper tubing, and a combustible fuel source.

The coiled copper (boiler) tubing is filled with water and the two exit ports are placed under the waterine at the stern of the boat. The fuel source is ignited under the boiler to heat the water contained within it.

As the water is heated within the boiler, it expands and through the process of vaporization creates steam and is expelled (under pressure) through the copper tubing exit ports to drive the propulsion (thrust) system.

The remaining steam within the boiler creates a vacuum through condensation. Condensation occurs when the remaining steam comes into contact with cooler areas of the copper tubing. Thus, drawing more water into the coiled section from the exit ports which have become intake ports. This in turn replicates the process in a reoccurring cycle of water intake, heating, expansion/pressure, vaporization, and exit and the steam boat continues to operate.

Trevor Lee