YMCA – O‘ahu – Field Day – Kaniakapupu Ruins and the Nu‘uanu Reservoir: July 13, 2016

On the last field day of the summer, the YMCA in association with Mahope project visited the Nu‘uanu area of O‘ahu. The day began with a short hike through a bamboo forest toward the Kaniakapupu Ruins (“the singing of the land shells”) in the Luakaha (place of relaxation) area of Nu‘uanu. The structure(s) were built by King Kamehameha III as a summer palace during the hot summer months. The students were provided with the history and importance of the area and taught Ua Nani ‘O Nu’anau along with the proper movements. On the second part of the journey, the students hiked through a forested area to the Nuu‘anu reservoir. The students were taught about the historical significance of the reservoir in supplying water to Honolulu over the last century. I addition, the students participated in activities based upon water quality testing and the hydrological cycle.

Trevor Lee