YMCA – O‘ahu – Field Day – Ala Moana Beach Park: June 15, 2016

The event’s theme was sustainability leading into ocean sustainability, beach cleanup/scavenger hunt, and examples of crafting sustainability. The students were provided a background into the concept/history of sustainability followed by a question and answer period toward water pollution.They in turn, participated in an interactive water demonstration. This entailed, adding pseudo-contaminates to a tank of water to simulate the degree of pollution each item had upon the water. The beach cleanup/scavenger hunt was designed to introduce the students to the amount and type of trash that was within the park. The students (groups with counselors) were required to photograph (iPad) their progress in identifying features of the park as well as specific types of trash as illustrated within the activities’ requirements. In addition, the students were instructed to pick up trash along their journey throughout the park. Lastly, the students constructed containers out of natural materials

Trevor Lee